Board of Regents’ band 98.6 Degrees calls it quits

by Dexter Diamond

The University Board of Regents’ band, 98.6 Degrees, announced their breakup Wednesday, citing internal conflict.
The problems began last week when band member Jessica Phillips said she looked better in Capri pants than Patricia Spence.
“I look sublime,” Phillips said after making the remark about Capri pants.
The comment made during an interview at 98.6 Degrees’ rehearsal last Thursday, sparked a bitter cat fight between the two rival band members.
After Spence heard about the remark from a reporter she pulled off her boa and attempted to hog tie Phillips’, who was practicing yoga.
As Spence lunged toward Phillips, with high heels in hand, Phillips managed to knock the shoes to the ground. Then, Phillips slammed Spence to the ground and began pulling her hair out.
Fellow 98.6 Degrees band members refused to break up the fight.
“Nothing is cooler than watching two girls fight,” said band member Dallas Bohnsack. “There’s always the chance that something might get out of hand,” he added.
Bohnsack and the other male band members didn’t get what they were hoping for.
When security eventually broke up the fight, the two were fully clothed. However, Phillips managed to get two handfuls of Spence’s hair.
“It serves her right,” Phillips said.
Spence and Phillips, the anchors of the band, have been at odds for some time.
It all started in June when Phillips gave band member David Metzen “the look” as Spence, who has a crush on Metzen, was watching.
The rivalry further escalated when Phillips stole Spence’s lotion before a 98.6 Degrees concert in New York.
“I think Jessica is a wonderful person,” said Spence. “Still she has no right to do the things she has done,” she added.

Before their time
The break up of 98.6 Degrees, whose self-titled album sold more 15 million records and included such hits as “Vote like you used to,” “Spooning” and the cover of “I be stroking,” — has left many fans in anguish.
“I love Jessica Phillips,” said David Wagner, a University junior who has 10 different posters and a lunchbox of the band. “I can’t believe it’s over,” he added.
While many of Phillips’ crazed fans are worried about her next move, some are concerned about what Metzen plans to do also.
“I just can’t believe I am not going to be able to see him on stage anymore,” said Katrina Tarke, a University senior who has seen all of 98.6 Degrees’ shows.
Luckily for Tarke and other fans, 98.6 Degrees will perform one last show at Northrop Auditorium Saturday during the Boy Band battle.
“That’s a relief,” said University senior Josh Janzen.