Fashionista: New year, new column, new look

The Daily’s resident fashionista is in.

Kara Nesvig, The Daily’s Fashionista.

Hello darlings, the fashionista is in and at your service! Following in the footsteps of Mr. Aaron Leth, who brought the runway to reality with his column âÄúWhere Life Meets StyleâÄù last year, I present to you the newest addition to the Daily Column Family, âÄúThe Fashionista is in.âÄù I like to think of it as a girl-about-town Holly Golightly from âÄúBreakfast at TiffanyâÄôsâÄù meets Carrie Bradshaw. So, letâÄôs take a minute to forget about whatever lecture youâÄôre sitting in and focus on whatâÄôs really important: How weâÄôre going to look in 2009! So, IâÄôve got big plans for you. With âÄúThe Fashionista is in,âÄù I hope to spark an interest in design, style and beauty in as many of you as I can, and for those of you who take extra care in the morning to look totally gorgeous for class. IâÄôm going to discuss trends, recreate favorite celebrity and/or runway looks for about $100, and I am definitely not going to ignore the dudes, because thereâÄôs nothing sexier than a well-dressed guy. I happen to adore menswear. Watch out for a blonde with a camera, because this column will often feature fashionable âÄòUâÄô students I catch on the street between classes. IâÄôll be like the Sartorialist, just sans the coveted book deal. With the advent of this new year, IâÄôm sure there are some of you who considered making some sort of change in your appearance, whether it be losing a few pounds or stepping up your sartorial game. LetâÄôs all make a resolution to quit wearing our Ugg boots in the springtime, OK? I promise I wonâÄôt hate on the winter footwear since I own a pair myself, but they are definitely not appropriate when the temperature starts to rise. Whether you admit it readily or not, the way you look has a huge impact on your life, and even though âÄúplanning for the futureâÄù is one of the most-hated phrases spouted by a university, in this case, itâÄôs totally valid. That doesnâÄôt mean youâÄôve got to be turned out top-to-toe every single minute of every single day, because as any fashion insider knows, overkill ruins an outfit. But a little careful consideration never hurt anyone, and even something as small as tucking your jeans into a sleek pair of leather riding boots instead of sloppy sweats into Uggs can change your whole day. I understand that the business of looking good is a learning experience, and my whole purpose behind this column, besides enriching your life with whatâÄôll hopefully be fun and witty, as well as inspiring, is to help. Plus, I get that weâÄôre all poor college students, and that dirtiest of words âÄî recession âÄî is freaking us all out. So while I love Current/Elliott jeans, I know it isnâÄôt realistic to be pushing $200 pants on the general populace. However, itâÄôs so easy to make a stop at the Mall of America and channel your obsessions, like the color coral pink (thatâÄôs mine right now), at H&M or Forever 21 . I mightâÄôve hated Forever 21 in the past because itâÄôs impossible to find anything in that chaos of cheap jersey material, but there are tons of gems underneath those tacky sequined tank tops if youâÄôve got four hours to sort through them. WeâÄôre lucky, because Minneapolis is an excellent example of an up-and-coming âÄúfashionably consciousâÄù city. We might not be New York or Milan, and thereâÄôs some difficulty in dressing when itâÄôs so cold your eyeballs freeze, but if you look around youâÄôre bound to notice that things have been changing. There are cute boutiques popping up on every corner filled with both respected labels and edgier newcomers. A bevy of ridiculously talented designers like Calpurnia Peach (its two designers are still students!) and Laura Fulk are making their names as homegrown talents. Stop into Cliché , my favorite boutique on Lyndale, and get yourself familiar with them! Since this is the maiden voyage of the S.S. Fashionista, IâÄôve got to ask a favor. IâÄôm here to serve you, the populace of this bundled-up campus. So please, send me e-mails with any stylistic conundrum you may find yourself confronted with. Thumbing through your closet in search of an ensemble for, say, a night out or a job interview? ItâÄôs my job to assist you in concocting the perfect outfit for such an occasion. Shopping is my favorite activity on the planet, and IâÄôve worked my time in retail. Since Nordstrom is my âÄúhappy place,âÄù IâÄôve got some experience. Get on your computer and send away. IâÄôm waiting not-so-patiently.