A call to halt rowdy behavior!

On July 5, the day after such stuff was legally supposed to stop, we suffered yokels on either side of us shooting off their mouths and their fireworks until after midnight. We live on 18th Avenue in Southeast Como. My wife holds down a job, and the frolics disturbed her appreciably more than they disturbed me. She works very hard, and she needs her sleep. As a very helpful presence as a senior office specialist in the Department of Patient Accounting at the Dental School, she remains ever ready to aid graduate students and others whenever she can to eliminate waste of time and material. Graduate students inside and outside dentistry, many of whom work at jobs to defray the cost of their education, can appreciate her enthusiasm at hearing the attenuation of one landlord: âÄúSurely you can remember what you were like when you were that age?âÄù I call on all responsible readers to help halt rowdy behavior. At least discourage it by word of mouth. At most, call the Southeast Como Improvement Association and volunteer to fill out one of its special forms, which are very short. The number is 612-676-1731. Bernard M. Bleeker Southeast Como resident