Judge sets bail at $1 million for St. Paul man suspected of wife’s disappearance

by Jake Stark

A St. Paul man was charged with second-degree murder Thursday in the death of his wife, who has been missing for a week. 

Prosecutors found a substantial amount of blood in the car and home of 39-year-old Jeffery Trevino, leading them to charge him with the murder of his wife, Kira Trevino, despite the absence of a body. The judge doubled the amount of bail the prosecutors requested, setting it at $1 million. 

Police found blood throughout the Trevino home, including large stains in the master bedroom and the trunk liner of her car that was found parked at a remote spot in a Mall of America parking lot. 

Kira Trevino told family members she had become unhappy with her marriage and her husband had begun searching through her bank accounts. 

Convicting someone of murder without a body is difficult, but not unheard of in Minnesota. 

The first conviction in Minnesota a "no body" homicide came in 2000, when Donald Blum was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a Moose Lake convenience store clerk. 

In 2008, a Dakota County woman was also convicted in the killing of her newborn baby, even though police never found the child's body. But, the woman in that case confessed to the murder.