Before war, let’s talk

Our campus needs to be filled with dialogue about our opinions on the subject of war against Iraq. If war happens, it’s going to affect this generation like never before. We need to take a stand. We need a dialogue on campus. We need to make this a priority in our lives. This is an action that cannot be done without a community. There are so many of us at this school that President George W. Bush’s mailbox should be jam packed with letters of disapproval. With 50,000 able-bodied people in one area, we should be able to take a stand and make a clear and significant statement on this situation. War is not just a decision that the president or Congress makes, but a decision that we as people who live in this country are able to make. We have the power and ability to stand up for the rights of others in this country and other countries. War may be something that is inevitable no matter what we do, but to sit on your ass and think about it will do no one any good.