St. Thomas Adjunct Union Voted Down

by Meghan Holden


Adjunct faculty members at St. Thomas University have voted not to form a union, according to news sources.

The Star Tribune reported that the results, announced Monday, showed that 84 adjunct faculty members voted for the union, and 136 voted against it.

The school’s administration had been vying for more time and a chance to make changes both sides could agree with before the ballots were sent out on July 3.

Last month, Hamline University became the first college in Minnesota to unionize. Adjunct Action, the group responsible for a nationwide campaign that promotes the unionization of adjunct faculty members, was involved in both Hamline’s and St. Thomas’ votes.

St. Thomas has more than 600 adjunct instructors, according to the Star Tribune, and about half of them received ballots earlier this month.