Como resident tries to trap burglars, bottles thrown at bikers

A man also tried to steal from a light-rail construction site but was stopped by police.

by Michael Geissler


Brent Peterson thought he had the burglars of his Southeast Como neighborhood house backed into a corner last week, but he wasn’t sure how far he should go to stop them.

“You don’t know what they are capable of,” he said.

The burglars took multiple laptops and gaming systems from his home on 11th Avenue Southeast before escaping through the back alley, leaving Peterson behind.

The burglars had three flat-screen televisions unhooked and next to the door ready to be taken, but left the TVs and drove away when Peterson arrived, he said.

Peterson, 22, said the burglars kicked in the back door, taking anything of value. They took multiple change jars from the residents’ rooms.

Though he has only lived in the house for a month, Peterson’s roommates have told him stories of unknown people walking into their house in the past.

From January to the end of May, there were 19 burglaries in the Southeast Como neighborhood, with seven occurring in May alone, according to University police.

Bottle throwers cited for trespassing

Two intoxicated individuals were found throwing glass bottles at bikers late Wednesday evening a few blocks from TCF Bank Stadium.

The alleged trespassers were on the roof of the Stone Lab building, an abandoned, boarded-up building on 29th Avenue Southeast.

Two University of Minnesota police officers were dispatched to the area, where they heard glass breaking. The suspects were throwing bottles at a passing biker, according to the report. The officers saw a man on the roof of the lab and ordered him to show himself, but the suspect hid from view.

The male finally told police he was on the roof when the officers reached the ladder that went to the top. The suspects were ordered to lie on the ground and were arrested on charges of trespassing before being released.

Construction site burglarized, perp caught

A light-rail construction site was broken into early Monday morning on University Avenue near TCF Bank Stadium, according to Minneapolis police.

Around 1:30 a.m., a man broke into the site and stole some construction materials but was caught in his vehicle at the site after a witness called the police.

Central Corridor spokeswoman Laura Baenen said she doesn’t believe anything of value was taken. According to Baenen, light-rail construction sites have been broken into before. Earlier this year, she said, a person attempted to cut wires off a site, but police arrived quickly to stop the suspect.

Minneapolis police Sgt. Steve McCarty said it’s common for construction sites to get broken into. The suspect was taken to Hennepin County Jail on probable cause of burglary.