Nursing student cleared on charges

by Nicole Vulcan

A University nursing student accused of assaulting his girlfriend was acquitted in Hennepin County District Court.
William Scott Harvey, 27, was arrested Nov. 1 for fifth-degree domestic assault.
His former girlfriend, University graduate Amy Hamilton, 27, told police that following a Halloween party the couple began pushing each other after he repeatedly shook her, not letting her sleep.
“Ms. Hamilton told what happened to a number of different people. As she gave her story it changed. Her injuries grew more serious as she told the story,” said Kevin O’Brien, Harvey’s attorney.
“She struck Mr. Harvey, but left that out as she told the story to other people,” he said.
A jury decided in favor of Harvey on March 10.
O’Brien said Hamilton admitted in court to hitting Harvey. He said he felt the jury was not convinced the rest of Hamilton’s testimony was true.
Neither Hamilton nor Harvey could not be reached for comment.
Hamilton alleges he then punched her in the solar plexus and head. Hamilton received a concussion because of the assault.
The two had just returned to Harvey’s apartment following a party where they had been drinking. Hamilton said Harvey was intoxicated when the conflict began.
A neighbor called the police upon hearing Hamilton’s screams for help.
Hamilton said in November she feared further encounters with Harvey. She obtained a protection order November 12. Hamilton stated in her order for protection that Harvey had hit her once before.
Harvey has no prior criminal record in Hennepin County.