Come together to support Hedberg for MSA president

As of one week ago, there were four separate tickets for president and vice president of the Minnesota Student Association. We would like to announce that when you go to vote, there will only be three. To send the message that unity is an action and not just a word, we announce the official partnership of our respective campaigns. After careful consideration, we have come together under one ticket: “Hedberg and Griffin for MSA.”

For students to have maximum influence on issues that affect us all, we have to work together. With a host of tangible projects and ideas as our base, our campaign is founded on the idea that these larger issues can be addressed and overcome through the strategic application of a single, unified student voice.

As one campaign, we can engage a greater number of students than we could separately. Through more collaborative efforts, we can spread the word about how the student experience could be better. By giving a voice to student groups, organizations and culture centers that have not been heard in the past, we can establish a voice that represents the entire student body. Once outreach is improved, there will be a renewed source for ideas, opinions and concerns.

With the right pieces in place and the proper systems established, the issues may be tackled by students for students. From simple programs making student life more manageable to policies improving the basic academic experience, we can make the difference. As advocates for the entire student body, we can take steps to address student safety, transparency and affordable education. The first challenge is to bring the student body together in this year’s all-campus elections. Join us, and vote Hedberg and Griffin for MSA president and vice president.