Student-activist voice grows

Students across the nation are forging a collective effort to gain social justice.

Historically, in times of crisis, student activism has been a crucial force for social change in the world and today is no different. Very aware of systems of oppression both on local and global scales, young people are making their voices heard. With students participating in protests regarding immigration rights and traveling to provide aid in the wake of the Katrina disaster, a growing student voice in grassroots activist efforts is emerging in almost every part of the country. However, what sets apart and strengthens this movement is the connectivity of the students in their efforts to make change.

Student organizations across the nation are uniting under one common goal: to put a stop to the erosion of human rights. By creating a massive national network, students are forging a collective effort to gain social justice. This network reinforces the importance of the commonality of struggles and draws strength from these united experiences. Not only does it provide a space for young grassroots organizers to share their experiences and perspectives, the network allows for well-executed concerted action.

This emerging movement emphasizes that effective social change hinges on the ability of individual activists to organize with others collectively. It allows students to share resources, coordinate protests and create speaking tours, highlighting that effective action emerges from collective efforts involving large numbers of people at the grassroots level. This resurgence of student activism focuses on the reaching of common goals and a common understanding of issues through the forging of relationships based on solidarity.

The existence of dedicated, socially aware students is not enough to provide success for student groups; they must draw their power through the formation of alliances with organizations all over the country. By joining in solidarity with others, student movements gain the power necessary to transform society.

As students, we have a remarkable opportunity to become agents of historic and social change. Through networking with students all over the nation – and even the world – we have the power to serve as the conscience for nations and remind society of the aspirations of all people for justice and equality.