Campus area sees spike in attempted thefts from vehicles

Wally’s in Como was also burglarized.

Four vehicles had their side windows broken in the last five days in neighborhoods around campus, with only one of the incidents resulting in actual thefts. In a 43-year-old manâÄôs vehicle, his stereo and GPS system went missing, according to police reports. âÄúI donâÄôt think there are any leads yet on who committed those crimes,âÄù University of Minnesota police Lt. Troy Buhta said. âÄúThe victims will have a much larger chance of recovering their property if they kept the serial numbers of their electronics.âÄù If a victim of theft reports a serial number stolen, that number is entered into an electronic database connected to pawn shops throughout the metro area. âÄúAny pawn shop with computerized files has to enter the information into their system,âÄù Buhta said. âÄúBut with the emergence of Craigslist , people have been working around that system. University police have no suspects in the break-ins. There is no way to know if the break-ins are related, because they happened on different days, Buhta said.

WallyâÄôs window smashed

A string of vandalism incidents, starting with the breaking of windows in AlâÄôs Breakfast and the Book House last week, continued Sunday when WallyâÄôs Corner Market on 1523 Como Ave. S.E. had a rock thrown through its window and two $100 Hookah pipes taken from its display case, according to a police report. âÄúThe window was $350 dollars,âÄù owner Nael âÄúBobbyâÄù Banat said. âÄúI had to replace it right away.âÄù The crimes in Dinkytown and the WallyâÄôs burglary are possibly related, Buhta said Tuesday. âÄúThey are along the same time period and are similar crimes âÄî they could be connected,âÄù Buhta said.

Man pinched in car door

A 36-year-old man put himself into a precarious situation July 22 when he jammed the door of his car onto his leg after driving into an Oak Street Parking Ramp wall, according to a police report. While preparing to exit the ramp, the man dropped his ramp ticket, stretched to pick it up by placing his left leg outside of the vehicle, and inadvertently ran his car into the ramp wall by not applying his brakes, Buhta said. âÄúA woman nearby jumped in car, put the vehicle in reverse and moved the vehicle back so he could get his leg outside of the door,âÄù Buhta said. Both sides of the vehicle suffered damage, and left a few scratches on the wall, he said. The man refused medical attention and left the scene.