PeopleSoft makes students pay

Last year University officials began working with the PeopleSoft program in order to integrate all information into one system on the Internet. The installation of PeopleSoft has caused some difficulties with students trying to register for fall classes. One of the biggest glitches was the University’s inability to disburse financial aid and scholarships on time. When the problem was recognized, the University quickly moved to alleviate the burden on students and their families. Although the University’s actions are admirable, a better solution could have been found.
The University has agreed to advance students’ loans and scholarships with no interest until October, at which time the scholarship and financial aid money will be disbursed.
It is refreshing to see the University step up to handle a situation that would make attending the University difficult and maybe even impossible for some. However, since the University has already changed the tuition due date to account for the glitch in the system, there is no need to disburse the money twice. Simply waiting until October would not only decrease paperwork for students, but would also minimize extra work for University employees.