The male sex and its education

Do the changing numbers in education reflect a future fall for males?

The male sex is at risk. At first this seems counterintuitive to say considering men still dominate in areas as chief executive officers, political figures and people with six-figure incomes. But the problem lies within the education system. Nationwide, no more than 43 percent of males go to college, which is a statistic that has been declining over the years. Boys are behind girls in reading ability. Girls are often awarded more National Merit Scholarships and college scholarship awards. Boys comprise as much as 80 percent of much as school dropouts.

At the University, males make up 47 percent of students, and females make up 53 percent. In many Twin Cities community colleges, men are in the minority.

The education system needs to change. Historically, the education system has not worked for girls, but now it’s not working for boys. The type of learning environment for students ” from elementary school to college ” does not work. The system in which students sit, read, take notes and share one teacher with 30 other students is failing.

All students should be engaged and mentored more by parents and educators so each student gets appropriate attention and opportunities. Students should be encouraged to learn through experiences instead of just by lectures and note taking. Students should learn more about how people of other sexes, races and cultures exist together. The current education system is clearly creating a divide.

Rather than going to college, many young men are working low-paying or dangerous jobs. They are increasingly going to prison. Though a college degree doesn’t always set a person up for success, a young man who doesn’t finish school or go to college is statistically more likely to earn less money than a college graduate, become homeless, be unemployed and engage in crime and violence.

While there have been great strides in feminism, we must not forget the male sex. In order to reverse these trends, education systems must reform.