MSA wrap up: Complaints filed on election

by Rebecca Czaplewski

With pizzas and a festive atmosphere, members of the Minnesota Student Association Forum celebrated their last meeting of the year Tuesday afternoon.
As MSA President Nikki Kubista made the opening statements in her final forum meeting, she reflected on her past year in the organization and thanked members for their involvement.
“We’ve had our highs and lows,” Kubista said. “This is the most talented group I’ve been involved with — it’s been a really interesting year.”
YeeLeng Hang, leadership consultant for the student association, also addressed the group concerning complaints filed during the MSA presidential elections.
The complaints were related to questionable campaign tactics by some candidates. Hang said the Campus Involvement Center was investigating and would have a ruling Friday, although nothing has been decided yet.
“At this time, the elections stand as is, pending the investigations,” Hang said.
The group also passed two resolutions at the final meeting. One resolution allots money to Bailey Hall for a spring event geared toward all residence hall occupants; the second adds the student association to the list of sponsors of the Renter’s Rights Workshop on Tuesday. The event is co-sponsored by the Minnesota Tenants Network and the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group.
Mike Davey, a member of the Minnesota Tenants Network, said the workshop will inform students of their rights as renters and the need for adequate housing near the University.
“Unless you deal with it on a day-to-day basis, you have no idea what your rights are as a renter,” said Davey, a 1998 College of Liberal Arts graduate. “It’s about students not being able to find adequate housing.”