Rome and the death throes of America

We have forgotten that we elect politicians to serve the greater good.

The beginning of the end for the United States has already come to pass. Democracy is at its peak in the world. But the United States is soon to be a former world power as the nation is driven into the ground by the politicians. The Iraq war was not necessary in any sense. Its supporters say that (Saddam Hussein) was a heinous dictator and that he was a murderer.

True, however, he had been a heinous dictator and murderer for decades.?If we let it go, why is it such a pressing issue now??Oil and business opportunities are not the answer either. This war was a political move by the president, backed up with faked documents and overblown intelligence.

There never was any popular support, but that was used to the president’s advantage. He was portrayed as fighting a noble fight. At every turn, there is relentless planning to warp the population’s perception and opinion, so much that it is sickening. Nothing is done anymore because of the ideal of it. It is done for political motive and spin control and

reaction. This public relations control is used for everything, turning simple debates into ultimatums about unrelated issues. People have now twisted the Iraq war debate into being about whether the American in question is in favor of the war or hates America and supports terrorists. It is popular to say support our troops, but that’s about the same as saying that you are against cancer. Of course we support them; it’s cheap talk, and we aren’t over there. People say support the president, he is our leader.

This is the fundamental fallacy of this entire political saga. Politicians and the populace have forgotten that we elect politicians to serve the public and the greater good. If they no longer do this, they are in default of their oath they took to serve. We elect certain politicians because they follow our ideas on how to best run the country. We now elect people based on how much we like them and how much they have in common with our religion. This is the death of the great American experiment, this is Caesar invading Rome, and we are at the end. If we are not saved by a wave of political upheaval that makes these changes, then we are doomed to fail. America is the greatest nation on earth; it emerged from underneath tyranny, has fought tyranny, and is doomed to become a nation of tyranny.

Ethan Root is a University student. Please send comments to [email protected].