U student chases bag thief

by Bridget Haeg

In a show of true Valentine’s Day spirit, University student Jacquelyn Hartwig’s boyfriend ran after a man who stole her backpack Feb. 14.

University student Nathaniel Arnold chased the thief, George Williams, from Coffman Union to the Mayo Building.

Arnold noticed Williams with Hartwig’s bag and went to Coffman’s front desk to call the police. While on the phone, Arnold saw Williams and began to chase him. Police arrested Williams near the Mayo Building.

Before the chase, Williams took the bag into the bathroom and hid it in the trash, University police Capt. Steve Johnson said.

The bag was recovered, and Hartwig originally did not find anything missing. However, later she realized her wallet containing her credit and identification cards was gone. Hartwig and Arnold found it buried in the snow near the Mayo Building.

“The police were awesome Ö really understanding and really calm,” Hartwig said.

“I wanted to be angry but I couldn’t because I got all my stuff back.”

ï Police arrested a man on Feb. 16 for two outstanding warrants after he parked his car with four flat tires outside a St. Paul store.

Police noticed the car’s damage at around 3 a.m. and found the man, Damieon Marshall, inside the store using the phone, Johnson said.

According to police records, Marshall attributed the damage to a “dispute with an associate,” which police confirmed.

However, after checking Marshall’s identification, the officers found that his driver’s license was suspended and there were two misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.