St. Paul City Council objection threatens start of Central Coridor

by Briana Bierschbach

Recent threats to the start of the Central Corridor light-rail project have been vibration concerns from the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Public Radio. Now, the St. Paul City Council has some concerns – concerns that the Metropolitan Council says could delay the project for another year, according to the Pioneer Press.


Some St. Paul City Council members are concerned about the Metropolitan Council’s sudden change of plans to save money by converting an industruial building in Lowertown into a maintenance facility for train cars isntead of putting the facility closer to the Mississippi River.


"It wipes out our last chance to redevelop a prime location across from art galleries and coffee shops and lofts, and they want to plop a train garage there," David Thune of the St. Paul City Council told the Pioneer Press.


The City Council could vote as early as Wednesday on a move that Metropolitan Council Chairman, Peter Bell says will delay the project an entire year from its scheduled groundbreaking next year and could impact the ammount of money coming in from the federal government.