Louis CK starts selling tickets directly to fans

by Tony

Louis CK made headlines last year by selling his latest stand-up special "Live at the Beacon Theater" on his website for $5, rather than going through traditional outlets like HBO, Showtime or Comedy Central. The special — self-financed by CK — paid for itself in twelve hours, and made him a cool $1 million, most of which he gave away. The experiment was a wake-up call for the industry, and inspiration for Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari and other comedians to self-distribute their own specials online.

Now, CK is subverting a whole other evil corporate entity by selling tickets to his upcoming 2012-2013 tour directly to fans. The tickets are sold through his website for a flat price, instead of through a promotional company like Ticketmaster. CK promises "no crazy high ticket fees, no scalpers, no annoying emails, no joining a thing that you hate."

All tickets are $45 exactly, and CK has adjusted prices in every state so that the flat charge includes sales tax. For example, tickets for his October 3-4 shows in Minneapolis are actually $40.62, to account for the $4.38 tax. According to CK, $45 is "less than anyone has actually paid to see me (after ticket charges) in about two years and in most cases it's about half of what you paid last year." It's also not much more than an authentic Louis CK plain black t-shirt from the FX store.

The tour will include all new material, because CK — inspired by George Carlin — scraps all of his jokes at the end of each year and starts fresh. This means that every tour and the accompanying special (or season of his TV show, "Louie") is unique. Also, Vulture notes that CK has spaced out the tour dates so that he can go home to New York to spend time with his daughters every few days.

Check out CK doing one of his signature bits on "Late Night" below: