Response to ‘Don’t let Iran have its nuke’

by Ammar Hussain Khan

I am writing in response to the Feb. 22 letter to the editor âÄúDonâÄôt ‘let Iran have its nuke.’âÄù If I could go back in time, I would go back a little farther than the author wishes he could. I would go back at least to August 6, 1945, and stop America from becoming the first and âÄúonlyâÄù nation to use a nuke on another country. With an indulgence similar to major news conglomerates, the author presents claims without evidence and makes baseless conjectures. I think itâÄôs hypocritical for America to on one hand declare Iran the largest state sponsor of terrorism and on the other have trade ties with Iran in excess of half a billion dollars. I would like to ask the author to please enlighten the readers by presenting some statistics regarding Iran being responsible for âÄúthousandsâÄù of deaths worldwide. The author should try to review AmericaâÄôs state policy regarding drone attacks within Pakistan, a country that hasnâÄôt ever attacked America. If these drone attacks âÄî which, by the way, are highly inefficient (90 percent of the 700-plus strike victims in Pakistan in 2009 were civilians) and are in direct violation of international law âÄî are not acts of terrorism in the authorâÄôs viewpoint, then I strongly dispute that Iran has ever been involved in any acts of terrorism. Why does the author choose to act naïve when he so innocently presents the idea that Pakistan could easily be taken over by a radical regime? Why does he forget this is the same country that has had a female head of state twice in its short history of 70 years? I think itâÄôs time that Americans get rid of their egocentrism and stop deciding who gets what and how; not only for the worldâÄôs betterment, but for their own as well. I say âÄúAmericansâÄù because for the past 30 years or so, America has been the sole superpower and hence, logically, itâÄôs only Americans who have been able to afford such egocentrism. As far as IranâÄôs so-called ambitions for a nuke are concerned, I hope the readers are aware of Ayatollah KhameneiâÄôs recent statement about how weapons of mass destruction are un-Islamic and hence Iran doesnâÄôt plan to make one. Ammar Hussain Khan University undergraduate student