Athletic double standards

by Charles Bair

Over the weekend, yet another University of Minnesota football player was arrested. What surprises me isnâÄôt that someone was arrested after trying to start a fight, but that such acts are completely ignored by the University âÄî quite a double standard. Recall riots of years past, like the Spring Jam riot. Unjustifiable student actions led to the arrest of 12 and the academic punishment of six. These students faced the consequences of their actions. And thatâÄôs fair, because students at this University are held to a certain standard, established by the University of Minnesota student conduct code. Football players, however, seem only to be held to secret, unspecified team rules established by head coach Tim Brewster. University student athletesâÄô ego inflation is becoming a cause for concern for students and local citizens alike. Maybe itâÄôs time for Brewster and other University athletic leaders to give the âÄúItâÄôs only a game; get over yourselfâÄù speech. Charles Bair University undergraduate student