Tailgating Double Standard

John Carpenter

Let me begin by saying that my opinion is biased, as I am a member of the Greek community at the University of Minnesota. My concern revolves around the football gameday experience. When the University not-so-subtly suggested that fraternities needed to adopt a gameday policy that included a strict âÄúno alcohol outdoorsâÄù rule, why didnâÄôt this apply to other areas of campus as well? I have no problem with responsible drinking procedures or even staying indoors on gameday with alcohol, but do the rules not apply to the tailgate lots because those people pay more to park there? CanâÄôt these fans patronize campus establishments and foster the same respectful environment that fraternities agreed to keep up at the beginning of the year? It seems like quite a double standard and reflects a lack of trust in our esteemed organizations that not all people on campus grounds, visitors or otherwise, are expected to follow the same guidelines. John Carpenter University undergraduate student