Late fees waived due to system glitches

The University bursar’s office has waived late fees and account holds for students trying to resolve problems with their financial aid and tuition bills.
Citing problems with the new PeopleSoft software system, Acting Bursar Director Patricia Roth said the Dec. 9 deadline for fee payment will not apply to those students affected by the system.
“We have had delays in financial-aid distribution and errors in reciprocity and residency status for students,” she said.
According to a statement released by the University, the problems are to be expected from any new system and should be fixed by spring semester.
The PeopleSoft system turns paperwork into electronic documents, and more than 100 colleges nationwide use the computer applications.
“We’re doing most of the work manually until the problem is fixed,” Roth said, adding that they are working with PeopleSoft, the system’s manufacturer, to resolve the inadequacies.
The final tuition payment deadline on Jan. 13 still stands, Roth said. Students who do not pay the full amount by then will be assessed a $20 late fee and a hold will be placed on their account.
The bursar’s office has not determined how many students were affected by the malfunctions.

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