University Golf Course’s fate is uncertain


The University of Minnesota is facing a tough decision about the future of the Les Bolstad Golf Course, according to the Star Tribune.

The University-owned course is in disrepair, sources said, and it's too short to hold college tournaments. The University is exploring the option of selling the land or replacing the 83-year-old course with new buildings.

"We are so landlocked," Jerry Rinehart, vice provost for student affairs told the Star Tribune. "To have this big piece of land for a golf course — are there other purposes for it? I think any good leader would want to raise that question."

The University Department of Recreational Sports, which runs the course, has proposed a $19.5 million renovation that would redesign the course, adding alcohol sales and a banquet hall. The course has lost money six of the last 10 years, but the proposal's supporters say the renovation would bring in more than $500,000 in profit. Rinehart said that any potential renovation would have to include a teaching or research facility.

President Kaler is expected to make a decision later this fall.