Demand an open Internet

An attack on net neutrality is an attack on Internet freedom.

Editorial board

Phone and cable companies are attacking our right to an unrestricted and unregulated Internet for one reason only: money. Americans must act now to fight for an equal and fair Internet.

If the Internet is not kept neutral, these corporations would be able to restrict access, manipulate search engines and essentially present their own Internet to users. A world without the current open Internet would allow large companies to keep themselves on top and the competition out by controlling content.

Several senators, including Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, are introducing and supporting a âÄúresolution for disapproval,âÄù which would remove net neutrality rules and take away the Federal Communications CommissionâÄôs ability to protect the Internet. It is crucial that citizens fight this.

Minnesota Sen. Al Franken and Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell are fighting for an open Internet. The two introduced the Internet Freedom, Broadband Promotion and Consumer Protection Act of 2011, which ensures the free and equal access we currently have.

Others are rising up against this appalling resolution as well. Organizations like Save the Internet and Demand Progress are urging people to protect net neutrality and demand fair, unrestricted use by âÄúoccupying the Internet.âÄù

Other Internet rights issues are popping up as well. The Internet Blacklist Bill would allow the Department of Justice to force service providers to block users accused of copyright infringement with no warning whatsoever. Ideas like these limit Internet freedom and should spark opposition. They do nothing less than infringe on our right to free speech. Citizens must fight for fair access to the Internet.