Request for a new U.N. leader

Bolton’s reappointment is against the wishes of Americans.

With the heated elections over, Americans have voted for a change in domestic and foreign policy. However, by vowing to stand firm in his defense of John Bolton, the current U.S. envoy to the United Nations, President Bush is neglecting the public’s desire for change. The removal of Bolton from his U.N. appointment would honor the wishes of Americans and allow for a much-needed reform of American foreign policy.

Bolton’s renewal has encountered unwavering opposition from Democrats who view Bolton as too confrontational for international diplomacy. Key lawmakers have said they would block his renomination as ambassador to the United Nations, all but killing Bolton’s chances to remain in the post past December.

However, what is a bit surprising is the increasing number of Republicans stepping forward and voicing their disapproval over Bolton’s renomination. Republicans who have voiced their opposition have declared that it is their duty to fulfill the wishes of the American public, whom they recognize as demanding a new direction for American foreign policy. The statements from these legislators are commendable. Last Tuesday, the American people sent a clear message of dissatisfaction with the foreign policy approach of the Bush administration and, as elected officials, senators from both parties have a duty to serve the interests of the people.

Considering Bolton’s combative criticism of the United Nations, one cannot help but question his appointment to the position in the first place. In the past, Bolton has made statements claiming there is no such thing as the United Nations and that there only exists an international community which is led by the only remaining superpower, the United States. It is a bit alarming that the man in charge of our diplomatic relations has such a low regard for the organization with which he is to accomplish global change.

Clearly, Bolton is not the best person to represent America’s goals in the United Nations and to reappoint him is not only against the wishes of Americans, but a mistake our country cannot afford to make.