Weekend Culture Compass – Portugal. The Man, Beatles Rock Band and Electric Fetus’ tornado benefit.

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Show your Beatles savvy at Brit's Pub's Beatles Rock Band contest. PHOTO COURTESY MTV GAMES

Show your Beatles savvy at Brit’s Pub’s Beatles Rock Band contest. PHOTO COURTESY MTV GAMES

Thursday Music âÄî Portugal. the Man, Port OâÄôBrien, The Dig Indie/blues/soul/folk/etc. band Portugal. The Man tries to do it all. They come close with their intelligent, crunchy, guitar-driven sets. See this band to increase your indie concert cred., allowing you to tell that obnoxious kid with the amazing music collection that you know, âÄúYeah, IâÄôve seen them too!âÄù The Varsity Theater 1308 4th St. S.E. 8 p.m. $13/$15 Art âÄî Illo.Minn: Volume Two For this exhibit, instead of using a canvas, these artists use dolls! Each artist gets a âÄúmunny,âÄù a moldable, collectible, paintable and most of all lovable creature that they then can craft into their own design. You could see a Batman or an abstract piece on suicide, either way this is a novel exhibit. You can even bid for them, with proceeds going to benefit the CVA scholarship fund. The College of Visual Arts 344 Summit Ave. Free Music/Video Games âÄî Beatles Rock Band Contest Eight groups going head-to-head. Each hoping to prove that theyâÄôre the best at mashing little plastic buttons and BEING TOTAL ROCK STARS!!! While playing rock band wonâÄôt get you laid, it will gain you respect from your frat bros and roommates. Come for the battle, but stay for the Britpop after party. BritâÄôs Pub 1110 Nicollet Mall 7 p.m. Free Friday Music âÄî The Electric Fetus Tornado Benefit Show The Fetus is still recovering from the summer tornado that lifted up their roof, then dropped it, damaging the majority of the store. Cloud Cult, which was on hiatus till now, is making their triumphant return at this local music extravaganza. Want to find out more? ThereâÄôs an article published about it today! Read A&E for more. First Avenue 701 First Ave. N. 7 p.m. $16/$20 Music âÄî Tight Phantomz, STNNNG and The Tanks Punk f-ing rock. STNNNG is loud and angry, and we like âÄôem. TheyâÄôre one of our top 10 local bands of the decade. Tight Phantomz is also loud, featuring Mike LustâÄôs of the Chicago band Lustre King. Turf Club 1601 University Ave. W. 9 p.m. $7 Dance âÄî Bomp! If this night were a Fall Out Boy song, it would be called âÄúDance, DanceâÄù. Except this night is way less mainstream than FOB. Some have referred to it as a hipster dance party, but they were just being ironic. Solid DJs, delicious PBR tallboys, bumping and grinding, âÄî what a place to meet an artsy new fling. Bedlam Theater 1501 S. 6th St. 10 p.m. $5 b>Saturday Party âÄîWorn to be Wild (Wants vs. Needs x Anthem Heart) A super-secret hipster dance party? With screenprinting done on-site by the Anthem Heart guys? Sign us up. These wild gatherings of art kids, indie kids and DJ kids are known to last into the wee small hours of the morning, so we’d advise you wait until about 1 a.m. to show up. Don’t forget cash for the bar. Anthem Heart Studio RSVP via Facebook for secret location 11 p.m. $5 Music âÄîNo Bird Sing, Lookbook, Kill the Vultures This may as well be called “New-ish Buzz Band Night at the Cedar.” All three groups have been lauded as the best and the brightest locally, from No Bird Sing to the cult following developing daily around Lookbook. Go for the cred, dudes. Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Ave. S., Mpls. 8 p.m. $12 Music âÄîDead of Winter Folk Fest We’re not sure why this multi-musician lineup starts at noon, but apparently it does. It runs until 10 p.m., so if you’re in the mood for some heartwarming folksy tunes from bands like The Roe Family Singers, then you’re in luck. Donations will be given to St. Stephen’s Human Services to aid in their homelessness prevention project. Shuga Records 165 13th Ave. N.E., Mpls. 12 p.m. Donations accepted Sunday Shopping âÄîDesign Collective Winter Sale Looking for something to wear to the upcoming local fashion extravaganza Voltage: Fashion Amplified? Ensembles by our Twin Cities talent are encouraged, and you can snag one here for up to 40% off. Allison Quinnell’s ladylike designs are some of our favorites, so if you don’t want a black eye, you’ll stay away. (Take note: Sunday is the last day!) Design Collective 1311 26th St., Mpls. Fun Stuff âÄîDr. SketchyâÄôs Anti-Art School She might not get naked, but you can play the Jack Dawson to LiliâÄôs Burlesque star Coco DupreeâÄôs Rose at the 331 Club this afternoon. Bring some art supplies and some bar money and drink while you sketch her lovely form. We promise the rest of the crowd wonâÄôt make fun if youâÄôre no bona fide artiste. Just say youâÄôre channeling Picasso. 331 Club 331 13th Ave. N.E., Mpls. 2 p.m. $10 Culture to Consume Eat This: Last week, HeidiâÄôs and Blackbird restaurants on 50th & Bryant tragically burned down in a fire. Give support by eating at surviving neighbor Malt Shop, a longtime favorite of A&E. Keep the area thriving, by enjoying their superb Reuben sammy. Drink This: Lift BridgeâÄôs popular and critically-lauded Biscotti Ale is worth a few of your drinking bucks this weekend. According to the Lift Bridge website, its blend was inspired by the holiday biscotti prepared by a grandma. Heavy Table says Biscotti Ale is complex enough for beer connoisseurs but accessible enough for the rest of us. Read This: Though fashion magazines brag about their âÄú600 New Spring Looks,âÄù weâÄôre more interested in the âÄúYoung HollywoodâÄù issue of Vanity Fair. Highlights are a profiles on late director John Hughes, teen criminals looting Paris HiltonâÄôs mansion and a behind-the-scenes story on the women who colored in âÄô40s and âÄô50s Disney flicks. Watch This: As long as there are movies, there will be terrible gorefests being made to freak out and delight audiences. In The Crazies, a strange toxin has infiltrated the water supply of a rural town and its residents start going bonkers, threshing up their wives in a combine like so much harvest wheat. Egads! Listen to This: Even though frontman Anton Newcombe is certifiably cuckoo, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, continues to crank out records at a rapid pace. Check out their newest, âÄúWho Killed Sgt. Pepper?,âÄù Also released this week is Joanna NewsomâÄôs âÄúHave One on Me.âÄù Did you know that this elvish harpist is dating Andy Samberg? Click This: âÄúThe 20 Funniest Figure Skating FacesâÄù is a nice break from watching The Olympics .In music news, ASAP download Stereogum and team9âÄôs mashup collection, including Taylor Swift, Vampire Weekend, The Pixies and more!