Offensive comment thread

I am writing to you in response to reading the article about the unfortunate tragedy that occurred in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood this past September involving the death of a young student from Augsburg College. First, I would just like to say that I am appalled. After reading the article online about the sudden and tragic death of a young man near his campus at the beginning of the school year, I could not help but notice the ongoing argument between two people who felt the need to continually comment about it. Beginning with the question of whether the authorâÄôs statements were racist, these two commentators continue a ridiculously long and pointless argument about the definition of racism. Within these posts, the commentators start to criticize the competence of each other. This is simply disgusting. Not only are these two people completely disrespectful of the nature of this article, they go on and on discussing topics that completely ignore the horror and grief that come with the tragic and sudden end of a young personâÄôs life! Instead of focusing on the injustice with this random murderous act, they choose to debate the authorâÄôs intentions, which really play no role here. This article was written about a very sensitive subject, especially for those close to the victim, and there is no justification for those who overshadow it with their petty problems and quarrels. I am offended that I had to see such disheartened comments after reading an article of such a sensitive nature, and I myself am not related to the victim in any way. I canâÄôt even imagine the outrage of the family members of this young boy, who deserved so much more respect than this, even if it only came from a campus newspaper. As for the commentators of the article, you should be utterly ashamed. I hope that in the future youâÄôll take your petty quarrels elsewhere and keep your offensive comments to yourself. Megan Solga University student