National housing group takes Buggs to court

Chris Vetter

Louis Cardona Buggs, who is in jail awaiting trial for allegedly murdering University student Kami Talley, is having his house foreclosed on by Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity filed a complaint Thursday in Hennepin County District Court asking for $40,415 in money it claims Buggs owes them for the house’s mortgage, as well as late fees for missed house payments.
Buggs and Talley purchased the Habitat home, located on Lincoln Street Northeast in Minneapolis, on Dec. 30, 1994. Habitat for Humanity assumed responsibility for the mortgage, and Buggs and Talley were to pay Habitat the principal mortgage cost of $41,097, according to the civil complaint. However, according to the complaint, Buggs has defaulted on the terms of payment, causing Habitat to seek legal action.
Buggs and the deceased Talley are personally liable to Habitat for Humanity for payment of all amounts due under the mortgage and the late fees, according to the complaint.
Buggs is accused of murdering Talley on Feb. 14, when he allegedly shot Talley at her workplace in northeast Minneapolis. He is detained in Hennepin County jail and was unavailable for comment.
Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that builds new homes or fixes older homes for sale to underprivileged people.