Homeopathy promoted at University

Curt Nelson

I was shocked to see that the University of Minnesota hosted a âÄúHomeopathy Acute Care WorkshopâÄù in Moos Tower on Jan. 30. For those not familiar with homeopathy, it is an alternative care intervention. For those not familiar with the term âÄúalternative care,âÄù it means it is not evidence-based; it is an alternative to that. âÄúEvidence-basedâÄù means that a thing has been studied carefully by scientists to make sure that it does what it is supposed to do and that there is evidence for it. When that route doesnâÄôt work out for a medicine, they call it âÄúalternative.âÄù IâÄôd like to know why the University supports this quackery. Curt Nelson University faculty