Stroke victim files suit against U medical center

A former patient is suing Fairview-University Medical Center and Minnesota Urology each for $50,000, alleging medical professionals were negligent in his treatment and caused him to have a stroke.
The allegations in the Sept. 30 complaint date back to October 1996, when the patient, Thomas Anderson, underwent surgery on his lower abdomen. Anderson claims the University hospital is responsible for injuries he sustained during and after surgery.
Anderson had a history of hypertension requiring medication to regulate his blood pressure, according to the civil complaint. He claims his blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low level for extended periods of time during and after the surgery.
He suffered a stroke one day after his surgery on Oct. 14, 1996. Anderson was diagnosed with partial blindness in each eye as a result of the stroke.
Officials from Fairview-University Medical Center did not return phone calls Tuesday.
The complaint also states that Anderson has sustained “pain, suffering, emotional distress and embarrassment” as a result of the injuries from the stroke. The plaintiff has also incurred medical costs and has been unable to work as a result of his condition.
Anderson’s wife is also listed as a plaintiff in the lawsuit, claiming she has lost valuable time and companionship with her husband.
General Counsel Mark Rotenberg said Tuesday he has not yet reviewed the lawsuit.
The attorney representing the Andersons did not return phone calls.

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