My “High School Musical” adventure!

The only thing better than watching DisneyâÄôs Hindenburg of a hit is experiencing it yourself, via Mad Lib! 1. Adjective 2. Adjective 3. Activity 4. Plural noun (capitalized) 5. Plural noun 6. Adjective 7. Body part 8. Noun 9. Expletive 10. Noun 11. Positive adjective 12. Adjective 13. Noun 14. Body part 15. Personal asset 16. Same activity as 3. 17. Negative emotion 18. Adjective 19. Noun 20. Adjective 21. Positive adjective 22. Adjective 23. Body part 24. Adjective 25. Unit of measurement 26. Verb 27. Climate condition 28. Same body part as 7. 29. Adjective 30. Positive adjective 31. Verb 32. Adjective 33. Verb ending in âÄúingâÄù 34. Verb ending in âÄúingâÄù 35. âÄò60s musician 36. Adjective (capitalized) 37. Adjective 38. Same plural noun as 4. It may seem like my story is adjective, but trust me, itâÄôs the kind of thing that could happen to even the most adjective of people. One day, IâÄôm just the regular old captain of the activity team, the Adjective High Wild plural noun (capitalized). Next thing I know, this gorgeous girl strolls into my life, and weâÄôre cast as the plural noun of this adjective play! Let me tell you, this girl had a body part that shined like a noun. I saw her and I thought, âÄúExpletive, IâÄôd like to see pictures of her on!âÄù But things werenâÄôt as positive adjective as they seemed. Turns out this blonde adjective noun with a crooked body part was after my personal asset, and the other kids on my same activity as before team were negative emotion that I was star in a adjective play! ItâÄôs not my fault I have so much market potential! But it all worked out in the end. I got the girl; I got the noun, and we all learned how adjective diversity is. Finally, it was positive adjective to do more than one extra-curricular activity. But then real life came along, rearing its adjective body part. We had to get jobs! Luckily, some adjective kid with unit of measurement of dough hooked us all up at a resort, where we could sing and verb all we pleased, and still enjoy the climate condition of the proletariat life. The blonde girl fixed her same body part as 7 and that presented a adjective problem to my relationship, but the positive adjective-ness of my hormones prevailed. Now it is senior year, and weâÄôre finally going to verb the school. What better way to do so than with a adjective play? You can bet IâÄôll still be verb ending in âÄúingâÄù the b-balls and verb ending in âÄúingâÄù with my girlfriend, but literally, anything could happen. Someone might get into âÄô60s musician and hate our songs, other kids might drink too much MikeâÄôs adjective (capitalized) Lemonade and others might experience racial prejudice, but you can guarantee that none of that will show up in my adjective adventure! Go Wild Same plural noun as four!