Mbakwe probation violation hearing scheduled for Friday

Andrew Krammer

A Miami-Dade court judge scheduled a probation violation hearing for Gophers forward Trevor Mbakwe on Friday morning, the Star Tribune reported.

Mbakwe appeared in court Wednesday during a "status report" hearing that was scheduled because of his DWI conviction in September.

A Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office spokesperson told the Star Tribune that the result of Friday's hearing could add either probation time or jail time. "Anything is realistic," spokesperson Terry Chavez told the Star Tribune.

Mbakwe is on probation in Florida for being found guilty of a felony assault charge from 2009. He pled no contest. He was in a pre-trial diversion program but was "bounced" from it after violating a St. Paul restraining order in 2011. His DWI in July marks his second probation violation and his third run-in with the Miami-Dade court.

"He's on his third bite of the apple down here," Chavez told the Star Tribune.