Daily Digest: bridges and vampires

Courtney Sinner

Happy Thursday, all. As we inch our way closer to the weekend (only one more full week of classes after this!), there’s much a-happening all around the U. Here’s your daily digest:

*Although the National Transportation Safety Board released their findings on the cause of the I-35W bridge collapse last week, the U’s engineering department did their own independent study (because, apparently, it would make a fun project for the students), and released their findings a week later. You can view Daily reporter Briana Bierschbach’s report here, but numerous other news outlets reported on it, too: MPR and KSTP. My guess as to why other news outlets didn’t report on it? We basically said the exact same thing as the NTSB.

*As you probably know, police made five arrests in possible connection with the rash of armed robberies near campus. The Daily put a brief on page 2 of Thursday’s paper, but, again, this issue was highly covered by other metro news outlets: KMSP, KSAX and WCCO. They all have different modes of coverage, however. CCO notes that all five are Somali, and KMSP actually printed their names, a practice that most news outlets don’t engage in until a person has  been charged with a crime.

*The "Twilight" series of books is the biggest literary phenom for young readers since Harry Potter, and the movie premieres at midnight. Lines are sure to be long and although it doesn’t have a direct U-tie, the Strib has an interesting piece on why the vampire theme is so popular, especially the sexual fantasy aspect of it, quoting U prof Eli Coleman, director of the human sexuality program. The Daily is planning on a feature as well, for Friday’s paper, but it will focus more on how young readers find their way back into book appreciation through the popular novels.

There’s your round-up of news for Thursday. Enjoy your day-before-Friday.

Signing off,

Courtney Sinner

Campus editor