We want you to submit letters about the Paint the Bridge event

Please submit all materials to [email protected]

Ariana Wilson

The College Republicans’ bridge panel has stirred controversy around campus and been the target for vandalism for the last four years during the University’s annual “Paint the Bridge” event. Many students were upset by the panel’s message this year, while others claim that the level of tolerance for free political thought on campus is non-existent. 

We’ve reported on what happened and interviewed students, but now we want you to hold the pen. 

We want to invite members of the University community to submit brief letters to the editor stating their opinion on what happened during “Paint the Bridge,” the general campus climate and any other lingering thoughts surrounding this event. Our goal is to facilitate a conversation with all parties involved or affected, in a way that is thought provoking and productive. It is important that all voices are heard and acknowledged, and that our paper remains an open space to safely do so. 

All letters submitted with be thoroughly fact-checked and lightly edited for clarity. The Minnesota Daily supports the freedom of expression and free exchange of ideas.

Please submit all materials to [email protected] 

Ariana Wilson is the Minnesota Daily’s opinions and editorials editor.

Clarification: all members of the University community are invited to participate, not just students and faculty.