The truth about Colleges Against Cancer

In response to the Nov. 25 article âÄúCoalition of student groups calls for campus smoking ban,âÄù there were several online comments that indicated confusion over Colleges Against Cancer, the student group organizing the coalition. Personally, I would like to clear this up, so here are the facts. First of all, the main objective of CAC remains steady. Our mission is to stamp out cancer through advocacy, cancer education, survivorship and Relay for Life. This can be clearly seen through CAC-hosted events such as Relay for Life and Saving Second Base, and initiatives such as supporting the Hope Lodge and the campus-wide smoking ban. Smoking has been shown to cause several different forms of cancer and puts studentsâÄô health in danger. Colleges Against Cancer is not supporting the smoking ban to take away student rights, but rather, to protect student health. Second, CAC is not some crazy, secretive front group for the American Cancer Society. We are partnered with the ACS, and we share the same mission of eliminating cancer. CACâÄôs affiliation with the ACS provides this group with credible sources and support as well as educational materials and programs, but the ACS does not fund CAC, nor is CAC bound by any sort of ACS âÄúagenda,âÄù as the aforementioned comments asserted. Like any other student group, CAC applies for grants and finds sponsorships to support its initiatives. Just as other student groups such as the American Marketing Association (AMA), Habitat for Humanity and others partner with larger organizations, so does CAC, and we feel that this only strengthens our ability to do our part in fighting back against cancer. Kirsten Lesak-Greenberg is a member of Colleges Against Cancer. Please send comments to [email protected]