Prioritizing transportation

A Central Corridor light-rail line would benefit students more than a football stadium would.

The University appears to be deeply concerned about the stadium project; the same energy should be present in the proposed light-rail project. The project is called the Central Corridor and it is a system that would connect the center of downtown Minneapolis to the heart of downtown St. Paul. It would run through the University campus, serving both East and West banks.

The Central Corridor would run just as frequently, if not more frequently than the Hiawatha Line, which runs later and earlier than the Campus Connector busline.

This line connecting the Twin Cities would run regardless of whether school is in session; this is great for students who consider the cities their primary home, staying here to work and study over breaks.

Transportation long has been a vital concern for the University. Limited parking and horrible congestion pushes the University to do everything in its power to convince students to not drive to campus. The University distinguishes itself by providing students and faculty with bus passes at significantly cheaper rates than the normal price. The U-Pass is indeed a great service to students; last year alone students used the U-Pass 3.5 million times.

Not many students bring their cars to campus and those who do have to live with the burden of paying insurance and finding parking, as well as dealing with overzealous parking attendants who are ready to ticket and tow students’ cars. Transportation costs often add to the many expenses suffocating students such as the anxiety of high tuition and ridiculous housing costs. This line would make the investment of the U-Pass worth more and it would provide students with another alternative in commuting.

A stadium will not help students get to class or work on time. Let’s face it, a stadium will not directly affect students the way this line could. The University has a seat on the planning committee of this project and out of concern for students, and also for its own benefit, the University should place more focus on this effort over the stadium project.