GCTM’s fight for equal access

Equal access is something that all tax-paying Minnesotans should care about.

The General College Truth Movement is a group composed of people from many different backgrounds on campus with a common goal of equal access to education. The group is working to create awareness starting where it counts most, in Minnesota’s high schools.

The GC Truth Movement plans on working with area high schools to create awareness of the increasing problems of access to higher education. High school students and their parents and teachers are directly affected by unequal access, and are more likely to get involved and create awareness throughout different communities in the state.

The group was formed after the strategic positioning task force decision to dismantle the General College at the University. Criteria required for admittance to the General College has greatly affected the diversity at the University, allowing many students from lower income areas in the state access to the University. Reducing the number of enrolled students from 875 to 475 means almost half of this group of students is denied an education from the University. They have debated whether they should concentrate on strategic positioning, democratizing the University, the dismantling of the General College and the broad goal of reaching equal access in education.

Now, instead of focusing solely on the dismantling of the General College, the GC Truth Movement will also work to introduce ideas of equal access to Minnesotans. By gaining more support and awareness, the group will have a stronger following for a longer time. The sustainability of the group is key to its success in meeting its goals.

The GC Truth Movement is combating problems of equal access to education in a smart and justified manner. Its cause is rational and it is something that all tax-paying Minnesotans should consider important, if not for themselves, for their families and future residents.