Football fans tour scenic California

Minneapolis was cold when 500 students and chaperones boarded the Golden Gopher Special for California, fame and fun. It was cool on the train returning to cooler Minnesota.
Students rode the sit-up coaches for two and one-half days to reach the Land of the West where Minnesota’s Gophers met Washington’s Huskies before 101,000 sun-warmed fans.
Most students came on board the train prepared to sing, neck and play bridge for the two days; “Poor Lil” and “Nellie” who slept under the bar were constant companions of the “500.”
Although occasional bottles, flasks and hollowed, false binocular cases kept the MSA chaperones busy, most of the students were peaceful.
“Hey! Come to the swinging party in Car 14,” became the cry, and the more gullible rushed to the rear to get in on the unregistered affair. But there were only 13 cars on the train. Losses were light.
It was 1 a.m. (the middle of the day) when the train disgorged its passengers into the lairs, casinos and other establishments for the entertainment at Las Vegas. But this sort of mass movement is commonplace in tourist centers, and the more sophisticated members of gaming set only looked bored while the tennis-shoe, trench coat clad nickle-betters ran through the Sands, Riviera and Desert Inn.
Another short haul and the students were taken from the Los Angeles depot to what one coed called the “two ugliest hotels in Los Angeles,” a block from famous Pershing Square, a more lush, greener version of Minneapolis’ Washington Avenue.
Disneyland proved to be a popular tour, as well as the regular look-see at the stars’ homes, Marineland, Palm Springs and Tijuana.
Parties dominated the dark hours, in private homes, in hotel rooms, and by the moon-washed ocean. Pep-rallies alternated with parties, and one was halted when a young man, carried away with the excitement, was carried away by the police, charged with disturbing the peace and resisting arrest. But the survivors quickly held a war party in the Biltmore, and the cheering continued.
Big Day arrived, and the “500” rested while they watched the Tournament of Roses parade. The Minnesota marching band, under the direction of Dr. Frank Bencriscutto, was in the parade, and had already performed at Disneyland. It was part of the pre-game and halftime programs as well.
Minnesota lost the football game.
The train is quiet tonight.