Firefighter’s remove body from Mississippi River

Thomas Douty

Minneapolis firefighters pulled the body of an unidentified black male from the Mississippi River early Tuesday evening.
Joggers and passersby spotted the body on the west shore of the Mississippi River on the University’s West Bank shortly before 6 p.m.
One jogger saw further upriver what appeared to be a body going over St. Anthony Falls and called the police.
By the time University Police responded, the body had drifted down the river to the 13th Avenue and River Parkway West area, between the Stone Arch Bridge and Interstate Highway 35W.
Witnesses saw the body as it drifted to the banks of the river and became hung-up on some rocks.
Minneapolis firefighters pulled the body from the water using a hooked pole to grab the victim’s clothing.
Hennepin County Water Patrol secured the area to make sure no evidence would be disturbed as the body was pulled from the water.
Minneapolis Police Sgt. David Voss said the cause of death is yet to be determined; Voss is waiting for an internal examination by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.
Although Minneapolis police do not know exactly how long the body had been in the river, Minneapolis Park Police Sgt. Robert Goodsell said it appeared to have been in the water for at least a week.
Minneapolis police searched the area last night and are trying to determine the man’s identity.