Gingrich says he would probably turn down Romney Cabinet post if offered

Nickalas Tabbert

 Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he probably wouldn't accept a job in Mitt Romney's Cabinet if it was offered to him.

Gingrich told WILM-AM's "Elliot In the Morning" show Thursday that he's not opposed to Romney, the likely GOP presidential nominee, the Washington Post said.  He said he would back Romney if the choice is between Romney and President Barack Obama.

The former House speaker said he would prefer to be an adviser to a potential Romney administration, as he was during the presidency of Republican George W. Bush.  Gingrich said he wants to enjoy his life and his family.

Newt Gingrich speaks during a radio interview in the Hollywood Diner in Dover, Del. Thursday. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Semansky – Associated Press)