Sean Anonymous: Continued

Shannon Ryan

To my unexpected pleasure, my interview with Minneapolis hip-hop artist Sean Anonymous (in print and online 1/24) turned into a tri-chat when DJ Name walked into Bob’s Java Hut. I tossed a couple qs to the DJ/producer of Wide Eyes and got some answers on his taste of fame, venues and post-performance grub in return.


It sounds like you guys are working all the time, what’s that like?

I feel like this is one of those jobs that you like so much, and it’s such a part of you that you don’t stop doing it. Even if we don’t have a show coming up, he [Sean], Dimitry [Killstorm], Tony [Phantom] and I, we all get together all the time and we are plotting what we do next, what’s our next power move. Let’s go make a song, let’s work on some beats, let’s sit down and brainstorm and eat pizza – we are always working on the next thing.

So what’s it feel like to have people recognize you?

It’s weird for me because I’m like the equivalent to the drummer of the band.

What’s the best venue you’ve ever played at?

First Ave—hands down it’s the best venue we’ve played at. Their sound is just amazing. After they did their renovation it’s a lot cooler for fans. We didn’t sell it out [for the End of the World Show] but we packed that place pretty full for three local up-and-comers on the bill. Their staff is just so good. Their stage crew, bar staff, stage managers are just so on-point and make everything so easy. You show up, set up your stuff, leave your stuff alone and have fun.

Any dreams of future First Ave action?

I think a goal is to headline the Mainroom in the next twelve months.

Do you perform any rituals before a show?

He [Sean] slaps my belly really hard. [Laughter] Nah just kidding, I pretty much just try to chill, like really relax. Close my eyes. Do some deep breathing. I’m on my Zen shit.

Is there anything else besides DJing that you want to do in terms of a career?

I don’t want to do anything else; this is it. I’m going to college right now too, kinda just to do it. I’m doing the traditional Minnesota thing and getting a liberal arts degree, more so to broaden my horizons and do the things I never did right after high school just because I was playing music. I don’t want a regular job though, I’m not the picket fence, 2.5 car payment, house payment – I don’t want all of that.

What do you eat post show, if anything?

[Laughing] Beer.


DJ Name will be spinning alongside Sean Anonymous at Triple Rock Social Club on Thursday, January 24 for Anon’s 6th annual birthday bash – improv band Dream Crusher will back the vocals. Special guests and performances include Lizzo, Soulcrate, Chantz Erolin and Julian Fairbanks among others.

18+, $5-$7, 9pm