Loose cannons get the job done

Most politicians today is that they have one concern: Getting re-elected.

It is up to the politicians to do that which is in the best interest of the people. However, is it in the best interest of the people to show matters through rose-colored glasses?

Politicians have a tendency to make things appear better than they really are when it comes to a nation’s state of affairs. The idea is that if things look good to their constituents, their constituents believe their politicians are doing their job and thus are re-elected. One of the main problems with politicians today is that they have one concern: getting re-elected.

To get re-elected, they must make the people happy. How do you make the people happy? Focus on social and economical issues.

It is understandable that a politician might not want to send the people into a state of panic. However, when the intensity of a problem is downplayed, such as the full implications of our occupation in Iraq, the problem becomes nonexistent in the minds of the public. In result, there is no problem that can be tangibly defined and then fixed.

It is unfair to state that all politicians are focused only on getting re-elected.

George Galloway is one such politician. Galloway is the respect member of Parliament for the London constituency of Bethnal Green and Bow. Galloway has no problem speaking his mind against anything he does not agree with. As recently seen on a SkyNews broadcast, Galloway confronted a reporter on the misconceptions of the Israeli-Lebanese war aggressively and truthfully.

Not everyone may agree with Galloway, but appreciation goes out to a politician that can speak out such as him.

With a continuous trend of politicians acting for re-election instead of monumental progress, it is in the people’s best interest to do two things.

Voting for a “loose cannon” such as Galloway, might be controversial, but it is politicians such as him that will spark honest debate about real problems with real solutions.