Fall into fresh fashion on campus

Here’s some advice on how to incorporate hot trends into your wardrobe as the temperature drops.

Erin Lengas

LetâÄôs face it: As desperately as we try to cling to the final warm days of summer, we can feel the crisp autumn chill creeping its way into our lives.  This is bad news for those who frequent Lake Calhoun on the weekend, or like to study on the mall between classes.  It is great news, however, for campus fashionistas who love to delve into every inch-thick September magazine issue and test fall trends. 

Fall is the epitome of fashion.  Clothing stores, magazines and designers go all out.  It is essentially the beginning of a new fashion year.  This season incorporates fashion and cold weather function, which we Minnesotans can greatly appreciate.

In the early autumn months, transitioning your summer wardrobe to fall is easy and economical.  To complete the conversion, simply add layers.  Instead of going bare-legged and beautiful in shorts, dresses or skirts, add opaque or patterned tights to lend your look some warmth.  

Replace sandals with knee-high boots or ankle booties.  With so many heights, fabrics and heel choices, there is a pair of boots for every personal style.

LetâÄôs not forget the key colors this season.  Rich, spicy hues represent fall.  Colors such as crimson, mustard, dark teal and pumpkin look great with the changing leaves and leave you feeling warm in the chilly weather.  To update everyoneâÄôs favorite, classic denim, be bold and try jeans in these seasonal tones.  Fresh colors are sure to solve any blue jean blues.

My biggest challenge as the temperature drops is looking fierce while keeping warm.  I know all too well how easy it is to resort to sweat pants and Ugg boots.  Thankfully, designers have introduced chic solutions.  Their verdict: Jackets can be fashionable.  Every fashionista should invest in a statement coat.  This seasonâÄôs trend is fur, but stick to faux fur to avoid angering those animal rights activists handing out fliers on the mall. 

Parkas, shorter and bulkier than the classic coat, have also received an overhaul for fall.  They now feature unique details like lace, leather and tweed. 

Even though most of us, myself included, could not wait to leave high school and head to college, varsity jackets are making a comeback.  So channel your inner jock and sport a letterman jacket to brave the elements.

Underneath your newfound trendy jacket, pull on a thick knit sweater.  In my opinion, the chunkier, the better.  Pair it with a floor-grazing maxi skirt to achieve ultimate coziness.  Dressing for class has never been so practical.

Allow me to divulge another of my cold-weather conundrums: dressing for nights out on the weekend.  If I donâÄôt wear a coat, IâÄôll freeze, but if I do, I have to lug it around inside all night.  I am pleased to announce that the introduction of the tuxedo blazer has resolved my every worry.  This chic, form fitting take on the traditional blazer transitions any dress, shirt or tank into a classy, fall-friendly outfit for weekends.

It is simple to upgrade your clothing for fall while still staying within your budget. Some pieces, like the boots, coat and blazer are wardrobe staples that can stay in your outfit rotation for years to come. Other more daring items can be found at prices perfect for experimentation.

If I can leave you with one piece of advice, it is to have fun with fashion as the temperature drops.  Experimenting with new trends is one way to avoid a cold weather slump.  However, if you have a moment of weakness and dig your Uggs out from the closet, I promise not to tell.