MSA Presidential elections

With so many flyers, stickers and Facebook posts, it’s obvious the Minnesota Student Association presidential elections are this week. Behind all 
of the promotional materials, some important issues are being discussed. Among these are issues like the exclusivity of MSA, the lack of focus on mental health over the last year and a lack of focus on problems that impact daily life at the University of Minnesota. 
After listening to the debate and checking out all of the campaign materials put out by the candidates, I believe it is time for change in MSA’s focus, and the ticket that is the best fit for it is that of Henry Benson and Cameron Holl.
Both Benson and Holl have lots of experience with MSA: Benson served as the Grants Committee Director this past year and Holl learned the organization from the inside out while serving as a freshman intern last year. The biggest reason I support these two is their desire to focus on short-term goals at the University.
While MSA is doing a lot of great things for the campus community, many students do not feel its impact. The plans of Benson and Holl, which they outlined in a recent debate, tackle big problems on campus while also focusing on the things that most closely affect students. They understand the campus community and want to make MSA truly representative of it. 
This week, I’m voting for Benson and Holl, and you should, too.