Minneapolis police unable to apprehend

Sarah McKenzie

A hooded hoodlum robbed a store at gunpoint in southeast Minneapolis in the early afternoon on Dec. 29.
Store cashier Rita Bergstrom said the man covered most of his face with a hood during the robbery and appeared to be in his late teens.
There were no customers in the Eighth Street Market at the time of the robbery. Minneapolis police have made no arrests and said they have no suspects, but the man was recorded by a store video camera.
Store owner James Rosengren said he did not want to disclose the amount of money the man stole.
“He did not leave with a lot of cash,” Rosengren said. “It was not worth his time.”
While she talked on the phone, Bergstrom noticed a suspicious man outside and said she had a gut feeling she was going to be robbed. She told the person on the phone to call the police.
Bergstrom was alone in the store because Rosengren had left to run errands.
She said the robber was in the store for less than one minute. According to the police report, he fled on foot.
“The odds are not in our favor,” Bergstrom said. “This is the 10th time I have been robbed” in the 15 years she has worked at the store.
Rosengren said he is concerned about the latest rash of break-ins. He has run the store for the past two years along with his wife.
A vandal made off with several packs of cigarettes after smashing a large window pane in the front of the store four weeks ago.
“I don’t see as many squad cars around southeast anymore,” Rosengren said.
He said a lack of police in the area may be a factor in the upswing in crime.

In other police news:
ù Minneapolis police arrested a 21-year-old man early Friday morning after a fight broke out at a house on the 1100 block of 7th Street Southeast
Daniel Dufour, 24, was charged with assault after striking a woman and threatening three other individuals, according to police reports.
The woman jumped in the middle of the fight and got hit in the eye, he said. She did not receive medical attention. No other person was injured.
A University student living at the house, who asked not to be named, said Dufour brandished a knife when he threatened the other combatants.
He said the altercation started outside and moved inside the house. He did not know the individuals involved in the fight.
ù Three hooligans stole the cheer from a man’s back pocket New Year’s Eve.
A 30-year-old man was robbed outside of a liquor store Thursday afternoon in the Cedar-Riverside area.
According to police reports, Robert Beishline purchased some beer from the Cedar Riverside Liquor store. Shortly after he left the store, three men approached him from behind and demanded he give up his “dough.”
One of the men reached into Beishline’s back pocket and took his wallet, which contained $40 and three credit cards. Another man grabbed his beer, according to reports.
Police checked the area shortly after the robbery but did not make any arrests. They have no suspects.
Officers believe the case is related to another robbery that occurred 10 hours earlier in the same area, according to the police report.