Vice President Ms. Chiquita Banana?

The spot for Obama’s running mate just may go to the most desperate candidate, or the highest bidder. What could describe desperation and money more than a product mascot?

Top six product mascots who would look good as Obama’s running mate:

-The Kool Aid guy – Cherry flavor might appeal to the Red States.

-The Dancing Raisin – Wrinkles nab the 60+ vote.

-Spuds MacKenzie (The Bud Light dog) – would seal the beach party/canine vote.

-Tony the Tiger (Frosted Flakes) – Locks in the crucial “closeted gay jock” vote.

-Bill Gates – Would appeal to the less-yuppy demographic, i.e. non-Mac users.

-Notre Dame’s Fightin’ Irish guy – Should nab sports fans, the Irish and Sean Astin.