Safety Tips

How to keep your apartment safer? When you move into your apartment, ask that the locks be replaced âÄî previous tenants may try to break in. Never give someone a key to the building; they may copy it. Do not prop open security doors. Make sure outside lights work properly. Make sure external windows are locked. DonâÄôt leave your doors unlocked, even when you go to the laundry. Use only a first initial and your last name on your buzzer and on your mailbox. DonâÄôt let a stranger follow you through your building security door. How to keep your car safe? Keep doors and windows locked at all times. Always park your car in well-populated and well-lit areas. Never leave valuable things in your car. If you must do so, hide them so they arenâÄôt visible. Avoid leaving your car running, even on a cold day. During the cold weather, thieves take advantage of residents who leave their cars running to warm up. If possible, equip your car with an alarm or an anti-theft device. Never leave or hide keys in your vehicle. How to keep yourself and your stuff safe? Always try to walk with a friend, especially during the night. Keep up with information from the University of MinnesotaâÄôs crime alerts. If repairmen knock at your door, ask them for identification. Call their boss if you are suspicious. Avoid using the ATM at night or early in the morning. Whenever you feel unsafe walking by yourself on campus, use the University Police DepartmentâÄôs security monitor program. In case a fire or theft occurs, take pictures or videotape all the important things in your apartment for proof purposes. These safety tips were compiled from Minneapolis crime prevention specialists Luther Krueger and Carol Oosterhuis.