Former gridder appears in court

Kamariea Forcier

Former Gophers football player Joseph Justice appeared before a Ramsey County judge Wednesday to face charges of credit card fraud and theft.
Justice, 21, was charged with three felony counts in connection with a May 24 incident at Dayton’s Roseville store.
Justice may be eligible for a diversion program instead of jail or fines, said Keith Hanzel, Justice’s attorney.
Hanzel said the judge asked Justice to return in four weeks, when the court will discuss Justice’s possible acceptance into that program.
The diversion program is open to people without criminal records who are facing certain types of felony charges.
If accepted into the program, Justice would be on probation for a year, after which Justice’s record would be cleared of the charges.
The Wednesday meeting in Ramsey County Court occurred after Justice missed a scheduled appearance Monday.
His attorney said Justice missed the appointment because he got the date confused.
Justice was kicked off the football team after he and Billy Dee Cockerham were charged in connection with the Dayton’s incident. Cockerham was suspended from the team pending further investigation.