Sweatpant Club members ‘just hang out’

Patricia Drey

University Sweatpant Club members took some time away from their homework Saturday to grill hamburgers, eat brownies and lounge in the sun.

About 20 people gathered on the grassy patio at Riverview Towers in Minneapolis for the group’s third event of the year.

“That’s what’s great about this club,” said Veronica Trunecek, a marketing sophomore. “You can take a break from your homework, hang out and relax.”

The inspiration for the club came when Mike Langland, an accounting and finance sophomore, and three friends attended a leadership institute at the University and all bought the same sweatpants. This semester, the group decided to turn their jokes about starting a club into a reality.

“All the other clubs have a certain purpose. They’re about sports or they’re about a specific topic,” Langland said. “Our club’s not really about anything. It’s about getting away and just hanging out and forgetting about school or work. It’s basically a club about nothing.”

For finance sophomore Chris Norman, who said he wears sweatpants at least once per week, the club is more than a chance to relax.

“It’s a good way to unite and wear sweatpants without having the embarrassment,” Norman said.

Earlier in the semester, the club met to watch a movie and play bingo. To fund the activities, its 17 official members paid $10 each, but organizers say this barbeque put them a little over budget.

Marketing sophomore Dan Cheng, who is in charge of marketing for the club, said he used posters, flyers and word of mouth to attract people to the barbeque. Some group members are also working on a Web site for the club, he said.

Many of the club members were already friends before the club started, but the posters are beginning to develop more outside interest, Langland said.

“A lot of people hear about it, or they see signs in the residence halls or at school,” Langland said. “There’s a lot of positive attention and a buzz about it.”