Dr. Date: The guy, Lost lil puppy, Skipabeat, Perplexed

>Dr. Date,

I have a question. What are your feelings on meeting people in person, whom you originally met online? There are so many places you can meet people online nowadays, and I’ve recently met someone on thegopherweb.com. She seems really cool, but I’m still kind of weary about meeting people in real life that I’ve met on the Internet. What do you think?

The guy

Dear The guy,

At least you know that she’s somewhat sane because thegopherweb.com is based around the University.

You could do worse.

I’m not a big fan of meeting people in person that you meet online, but in this case, at least you know the person has some things in common with you.

If you really think you might have a chance with this girl – other than just chatting online – then by all means, meet her.

But if you’re worried that she might be the kind of girl who will redecorate your apartment, bring you homemade muffins and call you every five minutes after one week together, then just keep the relationship strictly cyber.

Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

My boyfriend and I are currently one year into our relationship and we really love each other a lot.

The thing that has been bothering me though, is that there is a girl (let’s call her “Tramp”) that works with him.

She seems to like him a lot. Although she knows that he has a girlfriend, she still insists on flirting with him constantly. Her friends even visit while he’s working and drop loads of hints that she is into him.

My boyfriend is really honest with me and tells me that he doesn’t like her (the co-worker) and I trust him, but it bothers me that she likes him so much. My boyfriend was even threatened by a male co-worker saying that my boyfriend was trying to get with Tramp, whom HE was trying to get with for the last few months.

I don’t know what I should do! Is there some way to get over my worrying about him when he goes to work? Is there something I should do or say? How will this effect our relationship in the long run?

Lost lil puppy

Dear Lost lil puppy,

Your paranoia and complete lack of trust in your boyfriend are bothersome.

If he says he’s not into her, then he’s probably not into her. If he’s talking about her with you, then he obviously thinks it’s humorous and you have nothing to worry about.

I would begin to worry myself if you had said you know of a girl at his work but he hadn’t mentioned her. The fact that he feels he can talk to you about anything is a sign of a steady relationship, at least on his part.

But for you, you’re jealousy is what could potentially harm your relationship. You need to stop overanalyzing the situation and realize your boyfriend is with you and he loves you. Not some tramp he works with.

From what you’ve said, he’s not going to make a move on this girl – especially because you know about her.

Be thankful you found someone who trusts you enough to talk to you about anything.

Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

Well, I am writing in because I’m not sure what the next step is in my circumstance. I recently received a secret admirer note on my desk at school. I didn’t even realize these existed anymore, but I thought it was a pretty hot gesture. I know because I had a stupid-ass grin on my face the entire day after I read it. Anyway, it has been a couple of weeks and my admirer seems to want to remain secret because she is too “shy to tell me who she is”. I just wanted to let her know that if I really “make her heart skip a beat” I would love to see the resulting smile. So, it’s a shot in the dark, but if you read this column come over and introduce yourself… it would make my day. So, doc, any other suggestions than writing this?


Dear Skipabeat,

Oh! I love getting mysterious notes on my desk. They are so much fun.

This girl took the first step and actually expressed her interest in you. Do you have any idea who she could be?

There’s really nothing you can do other than wait for her to make another move because if you ask someone out in your class – and it’s not her – you could cause her serious emotional damage.

You could, however, pass notes to some of the cute girls in your class that say “do you like me? Circle ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ ” They work every time.

But if this girl does reveal herself to you and you find yourself not interested in her, maybe you should at least give her a chance. Just grab a quick lunch after class or something. Who knows? You could gain an awesome friend.

Dr. Date

Dear Dr. Date,

What’s the deal with this whole issue of girls not liking nice guys? I have heard that girls would rather date the jerk than the nice guy. Why is it that? True, it’s not good to be a wimp, no girls like that, but what’s with all these girls who are hooked up with all these jerks? I’m not a wuss, and I have confidence, but I’m not a pompous, arrogant jerk either. What kind of guys are girls REALLY looking for? I’m a tad confused.


Dear Perplexed,

Girls are mean and they never say what they really mean.

When a girl says, “Hey, how’s it going,” it usually means “Why haven’t you asked me out?” When she says “I like nice guys” she really means “My parents would like me to date a stable, clean-cut guy, but I really go for the biker boys.”

So, Perplexed and the rest of Dateworkia, I’m going to give you the Top-10 list you’ve been waiting for.

Here are the Top-10 kind of guys girls really go for.

10) Guys who have girlfriends.

9) The guy that stands on the corner of the street and whips open his 1975 plaid jacket to sell you a watch. Or a used car salesman. They’re one in the same.

8) Guys that can play the guitar or the ukulele.

7) Guys with accents.

6) Eyebrows. It’s all about the eyebrows. As long as they don’t make one. There have to be two.

5) The artsy-fartsy type. Photographers, painters, sculptors, musicians, oh yeah.

4) Frat guys.

3) Athletes – i.e. gray sweatpants.

2) Guys who buy flowers.

1) Two words: David Hasselhoff.

So strive to be like these guys and you’ll have a girl in no time.

Dr. Date